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Tylenol Crisis Communications in a Digital Age at PRSA Health Care Conference

Johnson & Johnson’s textbook-perfect response to the Tylenol 1 tampering crisis in 1982 would have been far more complicated in today’s social media environment, CommCore CEO Andy Gilman told PR professionals attending last week’s at PRSA Health Academy Conference in Washington.

Speaking on on “Health Care Crisis Communications in a Digital Age,” Gilman and former Marriott Vice President of Communications Roger Conner showed the audience Marriott’s ”Strategic Media Wheel” and demonstrated how J&J would have had to update and use it for interactive web-based channels. Gilman and Conner also engaged the audience of healthcare PR professionals in a series of simulated crisis scenarios.

During the Tylenol I tampering crisis Gilman media trained the late J&J Jim Burke, Chairman of Johnson & Johnson.

“In today’s digital real-time world Jim would have had to be actively involved in monitoring and considering corporate – and even his – engagement on multiple media platforms at once,” Gilman said. “The old model of fixed sequential deadlines over a 24-hour news cycle is long gone.”

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