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Crisis Preparedness Is A Small Investment

In the first half of 2013, according to Swiss Re, natural catastrophes and man-made disasters caused insured losses of $20 billion. Including non-insured losses the January-June total was $56 billion of total economic losses. Read more

When Silence Is Not Golden

For a public-facing retail business, silence in a crisis can only worsen things by creating a crisis of confidence with customers, the media, public safety officials and other stakeholders. St. Louis-based regional grocery chain Schnuks is finding out the hard way. Read more

The After-Crisis Analysis.  Did it work?

It’s always easy to analyze a crisis in real time.  But how do you measure the success of the crisis communications?   Simple.  Is the story still in the news? Read more

Passing the Red Faced, Smell Test

If you have never heard the term before, this means you are in a crisis double whammy. Most PR and Crisis experts recommend that if an action, project or activity will cause embarrassment, then think twice before going ahead. Read more