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What Can We Learn From Steve Harvey?

Can a CEO, government official or celebrity engage in private, written communications?  It’s harder and harder when everyone has multiple social media accounts and organization rules for respecting information are either non-existent or loosely enforced.
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Social Media’s Growing Fake News Conundrum

Fake news, a recent buzzword swarming the internet, has had an effect on many current events but how is it affecting the social media organizations themselves? CommCore SVP Nick Peters reveals this in our newest What Were They Thinking. Read more

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

From corporations, to brands, to celebrities and even pets, everyone seems to be connected through some type of social media platform. But just like anysocialmedia
other tool social media has its pros and cons. Read more

Social Media Lessons From Pro Athletes

We’re not in the business of picking on pro athletes. But it sure appears that some of them are quite good at social media blunders. We can learn from two ill-advised postings over the summer:

observer9Shortly after Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin (aka RGIII) lost his starting job, an intern he hired to manage his social media postings “liked” a posting on Instagram criticizing the football team’s owner. Read more