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CommCore’s Top 5 Video Blogs of 2016

It wouldn’t be the end of 2016 without a proper countdown in place. We are counting down our top 5 most viewed vidtop-5eo blogs of the year. This past year had the usual mix of communication faux pas, and the occasional “good move.” For 2017, we recommend the following: One, revisit your crisis plans, and though you should always use them, also think outside of your standard “check the box” protocols. Read more

Andy Gilman Quoted in PR News on “Aleppo” MSNBC Interview

In a PR News  article on September 8, 2016, CommCore CEO Andy Gilman provides a short list of statements that can be used to answer journalists’ tough questions similar to the Aleppo-type questions from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” interview with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Read more

“All Quiet” Is Only Good in the Library

Who doesn’t remember being shushed by the school librarian?  Too much noise in the library is disruptive, but if you’re stuck at an airport or waiting to watch a football game, you want noise… a constant flow of information. Read more

5 Tips on Cross-Cultural Communications

Business and leisure take us everywhere, whether through travel or the Internet: across waters, state lines, time zones, and continents. They also take us to different cultures. As such, it’s important that we know how to adapt communications best practices to a wide range of languages and regional mores. Read more

“Prompts for the TelePrompTer”

With both Republican and Democrat presidential conventions this month, TelePrompTer operators in Cleveland and Philadelphia are in high demand. We will make note of which speakers perform bObserver_Julyetter than others from the lectern.
Read more

Missing the Target? When Marketing Causes a PR Headache

The following post is by Summer Intern: Samantha Blumberg,

Seems as if retailers’ marketing tactics are causing a lot of PR headaches of late.

First it was Amazon getting blowback recently over their Prime Day promotion that industry observers and customers criticized as a “crappy yard sale” in articles and on social media. Read more