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CAPping 30 Years in Business: Lessons from an Ongoing Successful Run

CommCore’s 30th anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on what has made our companya success – starting in a New York City apartment, now with offices in Washington, NY, Dallas, Los Angeles and consulting assignments on all continents except Australia and Antarctica.
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Missing the Target? When Marketing Causes a PR Headache

The following post is by Summer Intern: Samantha Blumberg,

Seems as if retailers’ marketing tactics are causing a lot of PR headaches of late.

First it was Amazon getting blowback recently over their Prime Day promotion that industry observers and customers criticized as a “crappy yard sale” in articles and on social media. Read more

What Pasta Will You Buy This Week?

Barilla Pasta’s crisis whirlwind started with a comment in Italy (probably in Italian). Within days it became a trending hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, a global electronic boycott, spoof commercial ads on YouTube and Vine, and now Ad wars with competitors like Bertolli being shared on Instagram and across the Internet. Read more

No “Crash and Burn” In This Case

The back-to-back car accidents involving Secretary of Commerce John Bryson this past weekend could have ended up burning the fingers of an Obama administration already trying to manage the President’s “private sector is doing fine” PR-fire. Read more

Do Your Homework

Successful marketing – particularly when high visibility branding and campaign naming is involved — requires doing your homework. One of the most important homework assignments” is research into all aspects of a name and its ramifications — without which you will likely run into PR problems.

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