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Jeb Bush or “Governor Pitbull” – A Lesson in Rebranding

The following blog is by CommCore Intern David Bloch

Jimmy Fallon, Snapchat and “slow-jams”—three things people wouldn’t typically associate with the conservative-leaning Republican Party. That didn’t dissuade Jeb Bush from taking some unusual steps within 48 hours of officially announcing his candidacy for president:

  • Giving an eccentric performance recently on the young-skewing Tonight Show, sipping on a coquito with Jimmy Fallon.
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Obama Press Secretary Briefing Skills

The reviews of the first press conference by President Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs were generally favorable. After all who wants to blast the person who will feed you every day for possibly the next four years. Read more

Sticky Messages: What sticks and what you wish would go away

We are always advising clients that in the interconnected world message consistency makes a difference. What you say to the media, to analysts, to shareholders, to consumers- may have different facts and relevant proof points-but must be consistent in themes and overall framework. Read more