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The Power of a Good Metaphor

Story Telling

Few issues are as complex and incendiary as those affecting relations between the U.S. and Mexico, principally disagreements over border security, immigration policy, and free trade agreements. The political paralysis in Washington and throughout the country on these issues is real, with the public, politicians and special interests lined up strongly on both sides. Read more

Hizzoner, Ed Koch

The passing of former Mayor Ed Koch gives us a second shot this week to comment on how different public figures handled the media.
Earlier this week we discussed the skills (sic) of San Francisco 49er coach Jim Harbaugh. Read more

Message Brainstorming: Opening Up The Bottle

Esquire’s Ross McCammon was intentionally making light of corporate message brainstorming sessions in his recent blog “What’s The Secret to Brainstorming?”
We took the tongue-in-cheek approach in stride   — “You could put a bottle of tequila in the middle of the table” – after all, we at CommCore have our own message development methodology and techniques that do produce results. Read more