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Lessons from the Helen Thomas Blunder

When Helen Thomas resigned as White House correspondent for Hearst newspapers earlier this month after more than 50 years as a front-row fixture at Presidential news conferences, it signaled more than the end of an era. Read more

Tiger and the White House Party Crashers

Tiger Woods was the best thing that happened this week to the still nearly-famous (will they soon become infamous?) Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the Virginia reality-TV aspiring couple who “crashed” the White House state dinner last week and didn’t show up when invited for Congressional testimony. Read more

Geithner on Meet the Press – Style and Substance

The Obama administration has been making a concerted effort to shore up the image and credibility of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. I won’t attempt to analyze the details of the Administration’s plan in this space, but I can shed light on the style and substance of his appearance on “Meet the Press” on Sunday. Read more

How Often Do We Get “Do-Overs?”

The travails of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler before Congress in Washington last week present painful lessons for anyone with a critical presentation.

How often do we get a chance for a “do-over” or make good on a critical business plan or presentation? Read more

Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater

As all parties try to find responsiblity for the current economic mess, we are bound to see a great deal of finger pointing – some in the right direction, some misguided. Read more

Temperament and Body Language

Not since Nixon v Kennedy have we seen so much discussion about body language and temperament as in the Obama v McCain contest.

The recent Time Magazine cover on temperment in President and candidates reinforces the points. Read more