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Rose-Tinted Glasses in Stock at Amazon

The following post is by Summer Intern: David Bloch,

Last week, Amazon debuted its much-hyped Prime Day sale to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary. But while the e-commerce behemoth gained acclaim in the build-up, its celebration was short-lived once the sale took place. Read more

CommCore Presents to Food Marketing Institute on Crises in Today’s Viral World

Crisis Seminar

CommCore Presents to Food Marketing Institute Asset Protection Conference:

How to Contain Crises in Today’s Viral World

(Washington, DC, March 19, 2015) –The impact of social media on business operations, and the importance of collaboration between Risk Management (RM) and Loss Prevention (LP) teams and a company’s Communications function are critical to effective crisis management in the retail food industry. Read more

CommCore’s Top 5 Blogs of 2013

Our top blogs of 2013 gave insight and advice on dealing with Crisis missteps, information leaks, and operational crises. For 2014, two suggestions – one for Crisis prevention, one for reputation enhancement: Reactive: organizations need to shore up brand monitoring and protection, due to the speed with which information can spread across social media. Read more

What Pasta Will You Buy This Week?

Barilla Pasta’s crisis whirlwind started with a comment in Italy (probably in Italian). Within days it became a trending hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, a global electronic boycott, spoof commercial ads on YouTube and Vine, and now Ad wars with competitors like Bertolli being shared on Instagram and across the Internet. Read more