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The Battle of Analogies: Skittles Trumps Trump

Candymaker OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWrigley responded quickly and appropriately to Donald Trump Jr.’s social media posting comparing Syrian refugees to a bowl of Skittles candy with a few that “would kill you.” As social media backlash to the younger Trump’s comment intensified, Wrigley took the high road, showing its contempt without taking a political side by attacking – or even mentioning — Trump or his campaign.  Read more

“All Quiet” Is Only Good in the Library

Who doesn’t remember being shushed by the school librarian?  Too much noise in the library is disruptive, but if you’re stuck at an airport or waiting to watch a football game, you want noise… a constant flow of information. Read more

5 Tips on Cross-Cultural Communications

Business and leisure take us everywhere, whether through travel or the Internet: across waters, state lines, time zones, and continents. They also take us to different cultures. As such, it’s important that we know how to adapt communications best practices to a wide range of languages and regional mores. Read more

“Prompts for the TelePrompTer”

With both Republican and Democrat presidential conventions this month, TelePrompTer operators in Cleveland and Philadelphia are in high demand. We will make note of which speakers perform bObserver_Julyetter than others from the lectern.
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Communication and Emotion: How to Connect

Sabrina Horn’s recent article “Loving Communications: 10 Tips to Humanize Your Brand’s Message,” emphasizes inserting more emotion into marketing campaigns in an age when technology tends to dehumanize communempathy-marketingication.

This is especially true, she says, when mainstream news media coverage of technology increasingly plays up threats from cyber-crime including data breaches, identity theft, and loss of privacy. Read more

The Washington Metro Shutdown: “Safety First” was the Message

When Washington, DC Metro’s new General Manager  Paul Wiedefeld announced the complete shutdown of the nation’s 2nd largest subway system on a work day last Tuesday with only 9-and-half hours’ notice, he sent two unequivocal signals:
  • Safety first
  • He is ready to take whatever actions are required to safeguard the public and salvage the crumbling system regardless of the consequences
It turned out the caution was warranted. Read more

Communicators and Succession Planning

The sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has set off a Washington style mega-debate on succession planning. We’ll leave to others the political squabbling about whether we will have a new justice named and confirmed this year. 
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