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Is “I’m Sorry” Ever Enough?

Seeing Oprah and Lance Armstrong together reminds us that the latest celebrity apology tour is now underway.  Despite the overwhelmingly negative response to his actions, the real question is: what’s the long term prognosis for Lance Armstrong’s resurrection? Read more

Projecting Leadership in 2013: A Communications Challenge

We would bet that a New Year’s resolution for any senior executive is to be a better leader in 2013.  A recent survey by the Center for Talent Innovation provides some hard research that the measure of leadership is more than the results from on-the-job performance – it’s also the appearance of leadership, or what can be called “Executive Presence.”

The survey confirmed that strong communication ability is what Winston Churchill called the Language of Leadership. Read more

“Spirited” Marketing

 Spirit Airlines sent me this email coupon today playing off the controversyinvolving David Petraeus, General John Allen and others.
Wow. You would think that only a few months removed from their firestorm over refusing a refund to a dying veteran, Spirit would hold the line on this type of promotion.  But that’s not how they roll.  Spirit is like Family Guy when it comes to marketing…nothing is off limits. Read more

Survey Says: PR needs PR

One of the old saws about the PR industry is: PR does a poor job of PR for itself as a profession.

A new global consumer surveydoesn’t exactly get rid of that image. Read more

“Debate Prep a drag?”

It’s been several days since the first presidential debate.  The polls reflect the “bump”, the candidates continue to duke it out, and the campaigns move on. Read more