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Who do you trust?

“If it’s on the Internet, it must be true,” is the decade-old one-line joke about trusting bad information on the Web.
In today’s social media world concern about credibility is exponentially greater than in the good old days of search when you had to find information on the Internet; now the information finds you. Read more

Hashtags and Diamonds are Forever. #AskJPM

One of the most epic failures of social media use occurred this week when JP Morgan scheduled then cancelled a live Twitter Q&A. 
Transparency is a good thing and social media is a great tool to build relationships and listen in on what others are saying about a company and its reputation. Read more

Owning the Room: Take Ownership of Yourself First

Changes at work we recognize:

·     You have been promoted to a position of authority after years as a behind-the-scenes worker bee

·     You have switched jobs as a manager at a non-profit with a laid back atmosphere to a leadership role at a fast-paced corporation

·     Your boss – who usually runs staff meetings and makes decisions – is absent and for the first time and has tapped you to take his or her place in charge

How well you handle such changes requires changing how you are perceived by others. Read more

Pitcher Needs Pitchman Relief

Just because you’re a star baseball pitcher doesn’t mean you’re a good pitchman. The New York Mets’ Matt Harvey – on injured reserve and potentially facing Tommy John surgery – needs more than a physical trainer these days. Read more

Facebook “Likes” As Political Yard Signs

The ruling by a federal appeals court that a “like” or a comment on Facebook is a form of protected free speech has major implications for professional communicators. The higher court reversed a Virginia district court decision upholding the dismissal of employees in the Hampton, VA sheriff’s department four years ago because they “liked” and commented on an election opponent’s campaign Facebook page. Read more