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Andy Gilman quoted in PR News on Subway

Andy Gilman states: Lie Low: If Subway can keep an arm’s length from Jared’s behavior, I’d do little or nothing in terms of communications,” Gilman says.  “The issue will be if Jared’s actions [can be linked] to the company…If there was knowledge at Subway of his actions…they have a problem..If not, the average consumer will not go to Quiznos instead of Subway.”  Still, I’d leave no stone unturned, so Subway can be sure nobody had knowledge [of Jared’s activities]. Read more

PR News Article – How to Turn Bad News About Your Brand or Organization Into a Win – Andy Gilman, CEO

How should brands, organizations and other entities counter bad news or what they believe to be inaccurate reporting? Melanie Streeper, a public information officer for the St. Louis City Comptroller and a former TV journalist, took an interesting tack when Elliot Davis, an investigative reporter from Fox affiliate KTVI-2, recently tried to interview City Comptroller Darlene Green about whether she had been using a city take-home car that reportedly was costing taxpayers $26,000. Read more