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Reputation Matters!

The Reputation Institutereleased its list of The World’s Most Reputable Companies. In Forbes, Jacquelyn Smith discussed key areas all companies – large, small, B2B or B2C – should consider when establishing a brand or managing their reputation.  At CommCore, we don’t find these ideas new or surprising, just common sense.

  1. Build strong bonds with stakeholders – If your company has a positive reputation and good rapport with customers, those customers will be more likely to recommend your company to others. Recommendations and word of mouth advertising is critical to sustaining sales and growth.

  2. Tell your story – Make sure the company’s story and key messages are shared across the board. Most executives already have their elevator pitch ready and waiting to recite at the drop of a hat but it is compelling? Does it engage the audience in a way that creates a deeper connection? You do not want your story to go in one ear and out the other.
  1. Stay relevant – You want your company to stay on the forefront of everyone’s mind. It is important to participate in local and global activities. Make connections with members of the media. Maintain communication with stakeholders and display and a genuine interest.
BMW ranked as the most reputable company based on scores of four emotional indicators: trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling. Smith adds, “Something all the winners across the globe have in common: They have recognized that the days where a strong product alone would win the love and support of consumers are over.”
Do you have any other critical measures to follow to improve your reputation?