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Dale Weiss Quoted in The Wall Street Journal on Uber’s CEO Resignation

CommCore SVP, Dale Weiss was quoted in The Wall Street Journal’s article, “Crisis of the week: Uber Faces Tipping Poing After CEO Resigns” commenting on Uber’s CEO resignation following the release of partial results of an investigationg into the company’s culture. Uber app

Dale Weiss, senior vice president, CommCore Consulting Group: “Comparing Uber to a similar chronic crisis—BP’s Gulf oil spill–capping the well was the first step to pivot from the chronic label and to begin the work of repairing its reputation. Uber has control of how it can fix its company and culture and needs to employ outbound social media channels to communicate this message. Uber was at first slow to respond to the current events of this crisis…but the company soon launched an extensive amount of information, beginning with a large banner to draw attention on its home page with the words ‘The Road Ahead.’

“The content includes videos, reports and details on what went wrong and solutions to fix it. It also targeted lost customers by sending apology emails and promising to do better. However, Uber [appears to be] resistant to using its main social media channels to deliver this information. Additionally, no information was available on Uber’s official channels regarding Mr. Kalanick’s leave of absence or eventual resignation. The number of thumbs pressing the Uber app on a smartphone will be the ultimate measure of the company’s success in trying to rebuild its reputation.”