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Commcore Consulting Group Launches Social Media Practice

In response to increased demand from professional communicators for training in social media, CommCore Consulting Group announces a set of basic and advanced offerings on the concepts, tools and best practices for engaging online and wireless virtual communities . CommCore is a leader in executive-level communications training, messaging and strategy for corporations, associations, government agencies, and non-profit and advocacy organizations.   CommCore has added Howard Greenstein, a recognized leader in Social Media, as principal consultant/program developer for this effort.

CommCore’s social media services include an overview of all types of social media communities and their applications, blogging do’s and don’ts, messaging vs. conversing, organizational transparency, social media and crisis planning and execution, and using multimedia such as video and audio. The advanced program works with companies that have established track records in social media and seek cutting-edge improvements.

“Social media continues to grow as a part of every day communication that organizations can no longer pass off as a trend affecting a particular demographic or a narrow application,” said CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman. “We asked CommCore social media consultant Howard Greenstein to direct our efforts because he brings the knowledge of the field and the teaching/consulting skills that have been CommCore hallmarks for 25 years.”

Greenstein added, “Social media presents tremendous opportunities for corporations, associations and agencies to build trust and loyalty. There are new protocols for this kind of communication, and organizational culture will need to adapt to a new reality: they can participate in genuine social media conversations to connect with this growing segment of their customer base and new, crucial influencers; or they can choose to solely participate according to old rules of communications, and lose ground to their competition.”

About CommCore Consulting Group

CommCore Consulting Group is a privately held firm providing communications counsel to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world.  For the past 25 years the company has specialized in executive media skills and media interview training; presentation and speaker training; message development; multimedia communications strategy including video production and social media; consultation on crisis planning and response; litigation PR; and citizen lobbying and advocacy.  CommCore is led by president and CEO Andrew Gilman – a lawyer, award-winning journalist, and co-author of the best-selling book Get To The Point.  CommCore is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has offices in New York City and Los Angeles.