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Carrie Prejean – not a good moment for Media Training

Talk about programming and bad media training, Carrie Prejean gave a bad name to a serious craft last week in the interview on the “Larry King Show.” See YouTube Video:

While we weren’t part of the prep, it was pretty obvious that the former Ms. California USA was pre-programmed to not answer any questions about what went on in the actual negotiations between her side and the Miss USA pageant. When Larry King asked about what motivated Carrie to enter mediation, Ms. Prejean immediately went to default mode and interpreted the question as one asking about the content of the mediation, which was off-limits.

Not answering certain questions is an appropriate response in specific circumstances, i.e. when asked about proprietary information, classified information, studies not completed, litigation, personal information and several other subjects. But it should not be invoked when asked other questions.

Couple this with the pre-preprogrammed stunt of taking off the mic and walking off the set and we have to conclude that Carrie was poorly prepped and coached.

There’s a reason there are terms of “earned” vs. “paid” media. If Ms. Prejean was willing to “use” Larry King, then she should understand and/or be counseled that the ticket for “free” publicity is the credible answer to some questions.

What’s your view?