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Healthcare Conference Tips and Takeaways

Annual medical meetings are where the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical industries introduce groundbreaking research and techniques, early-stage companies try to secure funding, and new connections lead to business opportunities. With the first big conference, JP Morgan HealthCare Conference, come and gone it’s time to focus on how to shine at upcoming 2017 meetings:

Preparation is keyjpm blog pic 2

  • Set calendar reminders for weeks in advance to begin researching other companies that will be attending, and their products.
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Meet our Spring Semester Interns!


We welcome Melissa Gustafson and Max Nelson to our team from George Washington University! Read our interview below to learn more about them.

Three words you would use to describe yourself…

Melissa: Fun-loving, determined and mildly humorous (usually at my own expense)

Max: Articulate, passionate and playful

What are  you most passionate or inspired by…

Melissa: I’m most passionate about the people around me. Read more