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Media Relations for Early Phase Biotechs

The most effective public relations strategy is when a company’s leadership is open to discussing when, and when not, to speak with the media.

For early-phase companies, particularly in biotechnology, it is essential to first identify target media, and customize messages to an audience.This is important for biotechs in particular because their target audiences are so varied: investors, business partners, scientific and technological recruits, internal stakeholders such as board members and key staff, and, of course, the media. Read more

Social Media and Crisis Communications

The importance of rapid social media response during a crisis cannot be overstated. But simply responding quickly isn’t enough for a social media response to be effective; it requires planning. CommCore suggests that the social media component of any crisis communications plan includes the “3F” Rule: Be Fast, Factual, and Flexible. Read more

Five Tips to Prepare for a Presentation

Whether you’re preparing for a speech, presenting at an industry conference, or briefing a smaller group of co-workers or superiors, here are CommCore’s tips for nailing your next event;Presentation

  • Know your audience by assessing in advance what their needs are
  • State your goals and objectives up front
  • Make eye contact, and control your gestures and posture
  • Don’t clutter your PowerPoint with too many graphics
  • Listen carefully to your audience when they ask questions

Interested in presentation counsel? Read more