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Is it Any Easier to Restore Trust When You Are Clearly the Victim?

From our point of view, the years-long debate on whether vaccinations cause autism should be coming to an end. Just last week, Ron Winslow of the Wall Street Journal may have put the proverbial nail in the coffin with his article that the evidence has been largely discredited and medical journals like The Lancet and The British Medical Journal have published articles showing the connection as fraudulent. Read more

PR Questions on Net Neutrality

The FCC has passed a set of controversial rules on Internet access called “Net Neutrality” which is designed to ensure unblocked access and eliminate discrimination on the World Wide Web. It is a complicated issue, but central to it is restricting a cable or telecom company’s ability to block or slow content and with apparently different rules for wired broadband vs mobile broadband. Read more

CNN posted an interesting article about filling up resumes with empty words that hold people back from being a stand-out candidate.

This reminds us that over-used words should not only be avoided on print, but also in communications delivery. Read more

Another View on the TSA Full Body Scanner: A Silent Minority Speaks Up

Since Thanksgiving, the debate about TSA scanners has simmered a bit. It’s guaranteed to pick up in the next couple of weeks during the Christmas/New Year’s rush. Missing from the vehement discussions about scanners, privacy and intrusive TSA pat downs, is a multi-million member silent minority – The Metal Body Part Packing Nation who prefer full-body scanners. Read more