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An Elementary School Teaches us about Crisis Response

The kids at Rancho Tehama Elementary School in Rancho Tehama, CA are safe. Why? Because their school had a crisis plan, they had conducted safety drills, and they knew what to do when a gunman approached the doors and started firing.
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Speechwriting Tips from CommCore

Speechwriting takes place in one of only two scenarios – you write the speech for yourself, or a speechwriter writes it for you.

In either case, following some simple best practice rules can eliminate basic speechwriting mistakes. Read more

CommCore’s Keys to Persuasive Presentations

Blog post by intern Eric Ayala 

Whether you are preparing for a high stakes presentation at an industry trade show, a business pitch to a prospective client or a TED Talk by a senior executive, being passionate (but in control) is a key to being persuasive. Read more