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Auto Dealers and Social Media Selling

We’ve been touting how the Flip video cameras are great for social and news media. You can interview yourself and post on the web site. You can record a sound bite or comment and email to your key contacts, employees, and stakeholders.

I just heard of a very creative use. An automobile dealer in Oregon told me that when customers and prospects call or send in an email inquiry, his sales people get out their flip phones, do a quick on camera statement and then walk around the car doing a quick tour and explaining in a very personal way about the vehicle. They then plug the Flip into their PC and email a personal video to the prospect. This enhances the basic information on the dealer’s website. I’ve asked the dealer to track how much this personal video increases traffic to the store.

If someone sent me something like that, it would probably get me to think more highly of the dealer and the products.

What interesting ways are you seeing personalized video being used for selling and persuading?

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A new website that just launched – – is like a video version of Craigslist, allowing users to post video advertisements. Their rationale is the same as the Oregon car salesman: video is more appealing to a consumer than a print or an online ad. I know my attention would be grabbed faster if I’m browsing classified video ads of cars, bicycles, or furniture. And corporate and sales folks are slowly realizing that video’s ‘visual relevance’ appeals to all generations of consumers.

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