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Andrew Gilman Quoted in PR Week on American Airlines’ Stroller Scuffle

CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman was recently quoted in PR Week’s article “Why American Airlines’ stroller scuffle didn’t lead to United Airlines-level fallout”:

CommCore CEO and founder Andy Gilman told PRWeek the airline’s response showed care and concern for its passengers. He applauded American Airlines’ quick action and noted the statement was well-crafted and probably went through legal and PR review.

“We don’t know the context of the situation; you can’t bring strollers on a flight,” said Gilman. “The statement is clear and factual. There are not a lot of adjectives and adverbs – you don’t want to use those in rapid response statements.”

American Airlines had the added benefit of seeing how poorly United responded to its own crisis just a few weeks ago. American’s response shows it has been paying attention, noted Gilman.