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CommCore CEO, Andrew Gilman Quoted in L.A. Times on Uber’s Latest Setback

uberCommCore’s CEO, Andrew Gilman was recently quoted in the L.A. Time article, “Uber’s latest setback: Loss of license to operate in London”.

While business experts said Uber’s recent spate of scandals in the United States — including allegations of a toxic culture, the firing of employees and executives implicated in sexual assault and discrimination allegations, and the lawsuits alleging the mishandling of passenger medical data — are unlikely to have played a significant role in Transport for London’s decision, there’s little doubt that it colored regulators’ view of the company. Read more

CommCore Teaming Quarterly Vol. 2

In this Issue:
Winning a Federal Contract – Does Practice Pay Off?
CommCore Quoted
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Winning a Federal Contract – Does Extra Practice Pay Off?
Often a key element of a pitch for a government contract involves an oral presentation to a panel of evaluators from the agency that released the RFP.
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National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems – NCPERS

The Challenge
As a relatively unknown national trade association for managers and trustees of public sector employee pension funds, the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS), recognized the need to enhance its visibility and reputation as “The Voice of Public Pensions” at a time when the public sector and its Defined Benefit pension plans were under increasing political attack from cash-strapped state legislatures seeking to roll back employee benefits as a means to balance budgets. Read more

Former Obama Administration Cybersecurity Advisor Joins CommCore


Contact: Stephanie Pischke




Gregory Michaelidis Will Counsel PR Firm Clients on Cyber Crisis Communications


WASHINGTON, D.C. May 4, 2017 – Gregory Michaelidis, a former Department of Homeland Security advisor on cybersecurity issues in the Obama Administration, has joined CommCore as a cybersecurity consultant in crisis communications. Read more