Pressure Test™ Simulation Training:

  • Learn how to handle a media crisis
  • Expose vulnerabilities and highlight strengths
  • Enhance teamwork under stressful conditions
  • Encourage active participation by key crisis team members

Learn to Handle a Media Crisis

We “Pressure Tested”
the New York Times

“As these moments ricochet around the web like never before, companies are realizing they don’t have the luxury of calmly sitting back, assessing the situation and then deciding on a solution.”  – Sapna Maheshwari, New York Times Reporter


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Featured Client

Aerospace & Defense Contractor

Government Contract Proposal Pitching: Assisted US Aerospace & Defense Contractor in delivering critical presentation during final stages of a $180 million proposal review. CommCore provided Message Development, Presentation Skills Training and Senior Executive Communications Training.

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National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems – NCPERS

“For the past 11 years, CommCore has been a trusted advisor and friend to NCPERS. Much of our media presence can be attributed to their public relations efforts on our behalf. But what I value most of our relationship is the availability of CommCore. They are always a phone call, email, or text away. And in many instances, Nick and his team reach out to me first.”

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In the News

CommCore Among New York Observer’s 2017 PR Power 50

CommCore is pleased to announce that we’ve been included in the prestigious New York Observer’s 2017 PR Power 50. This is quite an honor for CommCore, especially as the smallest company in the top 17.

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Uber Crisis Communications: CommCore CEO Andy Gilman Radio Interview

Radio 89.3 KPCC out of Southern California featured CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman as a guest expert on crisis communications planning and response in a recent interview on Uber’s recent data breach. Listen to the full interview here. The breach itself didn’t include credit card or trip information. But Uber admits it paid the hackers to… Read more »

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Former Obama Administration Cybersecurity Advisor Joins CommCore

Former Obama Administration Department of Homeland Security advisor on cybersecurity issues Gregory Michaelidis has joined CommCore as a cybersecurity consultant in crisis communications. He will provide expert counsel for CommCore clients on Cyber Crisis Communications.

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Welcome Anna Walker to our NY office

Three words you would use to describe yourself… Outgoing, Energetic and Enthusiastic. What are you most passionate or inspired by… I am most inspired by my best friend. She is a spiritual and bright person. From her I have learned to not get discouraged in difficult life situations, to stay positive and to always follow… Read more »

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Media Training tools that work

  • Message Mapping
  • Art of the Sound Bite
  • “Rule of Three”

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Media Training

When a reporter calls about a story, odds are you will be quoted.  But will it be the quote you want? Our media training skills workshops focus on how to give facts, accurate and interesting information, and quotable “sound bites”.

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Tools that work

The CommCore PressureTest™ is designed to:

  • Expose Vulnerabilities
  • Highlight strengths
  • Enhance teamwork under stress
  • Encourage participation

Get Pressure Tested™

Crisis Communications

From oil spills to automotive safety, from ethical lapses in C suites to hacking attacks, data breaches and social media gaffes, no organization is immune from modern crises, and their crippling effects on operations and reputations.

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