Crisis Communications

CommCore helps clients strategize before, during and after a crisis.

We offer decades of crisis experience handling the media, addressing the public, informing clients and stakeholders, communicating with employees and their families, and cooperating with regulators and public safety agencies.

CommCore professionals have counseled on:

  • Tylenol
  • SARS risk communications
  • Columbia and Challenger space shuttle accidents
  • Congressional investigations
  • Plant closings
  • Class action litigation
  • Product recalls
  • Ethics issues

CommCore PressureTest™ Simulation

The challenge for crisis and risk prevention communicators is to improve:

  • Detection of an emergency
  • Rapid assessment and decision making by a cross-functional crisis team
  • Managing the response across multiple channels and platforms simultaneously to contain an incident before it becomes a full-blown crisis

CommCore “PressureTests” our clients’ readiness with highly interactive and content-rich simulations based on real-world fact patterns with the largest reputation risks and situations they are likely to face. PressureTest™ is designed to:

  • Expose vulnerabilities and highlight strengths
  • Enhance teamwork under stressful conditions
  • Encourage active participation by crisis team members

Who is the program for?

  • Executive Management Committee
  • C-Suites and Division Leaders
  • Spokespeople
  • Marketing, Legal, IT, HR, Security, Finance
  • PR, Communications, Investor Relations, Public/Government Affairs
  • Operations

Since 9/11 the number and variety of crises, as well as technological advances in communications and media, have increased the challenges for preparedness and response. Crises ranging from oil spills to automotive safety, ethical lapses in C-Suites to hacking attacks and data breaches, and embarrassing social media and viral campaigns suggest that no organization is immune from damage to their reputation or business operations.

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