Presentation Skills Training

Through presentation skills training, CommCore helps spokespeople become persuasive communicators who can motivate an audience and influence behavior.

Participants learn how to apply the 3 Ps – Preparation, Practice and Passion to develop and organize their presentation to persuade their audience in CommCore Presentation Skills Training.

Participants learn proprietary techniques including:

  • “Get to the Point” Two-Minute Talking Memo
  • Message Mapping
  • Plus/Minus Q&A Strategies

In Presentation Skills Training, participants learn to combine content and delivery style. We help participants craft key messages and create memorable visuals. We rehearse all aspects of the delivery, with a focus on Q&A—where speakers can score the most points with their audience. We also address presentation anxiety in our Presentation Skills Training, and how to deal with nerves and energy.

CommCore uses on-camera exercises, video playback, and instructor critiques to make participants polished presenters. CommCore customizes Speaker/Presentation Skills Training for one-on-ones, small workshops, and interactive lectures. Programs are provided in multiple languages.

Presentation Skills Training typically covers these types of speaking opportunities:

  • Speeches
  • New business pitches
  • Trade shows
  • Board briefings
  • Internal meetings
  • Speakers’ bureaus
  • Sales pitches
  • Teleprompter practice
  • Scientific lectures
  • Management/Budget reviews

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Who is the Presentation Skills Training program for?

  • Executive Management Committee
  • C-Suites and Division Leaders
  • Spokespeople
  • Marketing, Legal, IT, HR, Security, Finance
  • PR, Communications, Investor Relations, Public/Government Affairs
  • Operations

Our Presentation Skills Training and Presentation Coaching Services will help you prepare for effective public speaking, keynote speeches, sales pitches, panel moderation, PowerPoint presentations, speech preparation, teleprompter training, testimony training, webinar delivery and more.

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