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Will Tesla Motors keep their customers plugged in?

Motor Trend just named the Tesla-S  “Car of the Year“…one of the most coveted prizes in the auto industry.  What makes this interesting is that Tesla is the first all-electric car to win the award and the first unanimous choice for this yearly honor.
For a young company, this is clearly great news.  In looking how social media is following the award, Google Trends shows that web search interest jumped to the peak level in the last couple of days. tells us that Tesla’s 130k+ Facebook fans are  also growing and engaging at a rapid level as well.  Now it’s up to the company to continue to reach out to their new followers and friends.
The true measure of success is how this activity will convert into vehicle sales.  Its stock price bumped  up  only a little from the announcement.  At CommCore, we advise our clients that regardless of the communications avenue used to engage the customer (social or mainstream media), the key is creating sticky messages to tell the right story.  In this case, the Motor Trend award is a great headline to talk about the car’s unique features and to tell specific customer stories of Tesla’s speed and range.