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Top 10 Social Media Gurus of 2011

The Pulse’s Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2011 illustrates the variety and importance of social media engagement. Included are professional bloggers, corporate communicators, marketers, consultants, authors, and ordinary citizens. Some favor Facebook, others Twitter and Google+. One is a citizen journalist, another a Howard Stern-like Internet bad-boy who has been banned from social news website Digg.

What’s clear about these “influencers” — as you read their profiles and click through to their sites — is their undeniable impact on brands, and the size and scope of their loyal followers.

Some of these social media gurus were know to the CommCore team, others were brand new on the radar screen. That only serves to reinforce what we tell our clients – monitoring social media is crucial in today’s multimedia, cross platform, real-time communications environment.  The added lesson we’ve learned after going through this list is that monitoring one’s own brand story in social media isn’t enough; staying on top of what the leading social media experts are doing in different spheres of communications is essential.

Check out this year’s selected experts, and tell us what impresses you the most.