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Too much salt leaves a bad taste

David Farr is CEO of Emerson Electric Company and is known for his passion, candor, and salty language.  In a recent meeting with financial analysts, he let loose another tirade.   The language by today’s standards was mild, about what you would hear after a bad shot on the golf course.  However it was totally out of place at a financial meeting.  The result was a slew of blogs, online articles, and even page B-1 of the Wall Street Journal discussing Mr. Farr’s salty tongue.  Emerson’s financial results were hardly mentioned.
At CommCore we advise our clients that there are seldom do-overs.   It’s essential to spend time rehearsing the answers to tough questions especially if you have a temper.  With proper practice you can be screaming on the inside, but look and sound calm and collected on the outside.