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Tips for Effective Storytelling

Out with the long, drawn-out stories; in with the short, and straight-to-the-point storytelling.

Successful spokespeople know how to make their points in a clear, concise and confident manner. At CommCore we teach storyour clients that the best way to get through to your audience is through storytelling.  Effective storytelling is made up of three components: A compelling headline, provable facts to support the headline, and relevant stories or examples.

We’ve gathered a few tips to remind you that great storytellers don’t just “tell” stories, they illustrate.

  • Choose your words. Use simple everyday language and avoid using jargon unless necessary.
  • Choose your facts. Use positive provable facts that can appeal to your audience and back up your compelling up-front headline.
  • Make it pop. Bring data to life by using illustrative words and examples. These “visuals” will stick with your audience.
  • Make it strong & positive. Use strong, active, positive words where possible, and avoid guarded, negative ones.
  • Speak in Triplets. Use words in groups of three to increase retention of your point- “snap, crackle and pop.”
  • Lastly – practice, practice, practice! The more you practice the art of storytelling the more impact your presentation will have.