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Think Before You Tweet

The good news about social media is that it expands our information sources. The bad news is that the lack of editing and filtering can cause repercussions.

Take for example, professional athletes, who have taken up blogging and tweeting. We now have insights into training camp, games and other aspects of the sports and are not beholden to sports writers, and electronic media coverage for all of our information.

Now let’s drill down to Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson. He tweeted his reactions to being booed by the hometown fans, calling the Redskin faithful “dim wits”.. He also tweeted: “The question is who are you to say you know what’s best for the team and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds.”

Now that’s a sure way to go viral and the equivalent of a referee’s whistle (dare we say “tweet”) for a 15 yard social media penalty. In soccer, this might get at least a yellow card, maybe a red card.

Where are the sports agents and managers who work so hard to get the big contracts? The sports world believes in extensive practice to develop skills for maximum performance in a game. Why wouldn’t athletes think and reflect for a second before tweeting.

There’s more and more instant replay and review of sports – football, baseball, hockey, tennis, horse racing – all have ways to review a call and get it right.

Maybe athletes and celebrities should take a page from their own practice books and think before tweeting.

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