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Think Before you Tweet

Justin Bieber recently became a social media target – not just someone to follow – after his visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. He signed the guest book saying he hoped that the teenage Holocaust victim “would have been a belieber,” causing an uproar once it was posted on the museum’s Facebook site. Harsh comments claiming that this was narcissistic (among other jibes) flooded the internet. This one message may now shape the way people view Justin Bieber.  Our point: this criticism is not reserved for celebrities; it could happen to you!

Now that the mistake has been made, it is important to know how to regain control and segue into damage-control mode as soon as the negative feedback starts to spread. Depending on the situation, it is usually best to accept responsibility for any offense and try to clarify the message. After explaining and owning up to what happened, you have the choice to either avoid bringing more attention to the issue or you can be proactive in re-building your image to combat the damage your reputation suffered. In addition, CommCore urges clients that this mistake was avoidable. Bieber might have had one of his advisors with him who could have suggested him to be a little more modest in his comments. For mere mortals, we advise that you should slow down and think before posting messages via social media. Your followers’ opinions may trump whatever it is you think you are trying to say.