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The Importance of Networking Websites

Networking in the digital age is made easy because of general professional networking sites like LinkedIn and, and industry-specific sites such as Makerbase and EFactor. But EFFECTIVE digital networking is a skill.

Here are some of CommCore’s digital networking tips:

1. Grow your network, and you grow your opportunities.
This may seem obvious, but every professional encounter you have is a potential networking contact down the road. Evaluate your new contacts by job, responsibility, and industry sector before deciding if they are potentially valuable to you professionally, and to your organization’s business.

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2. More sites, greater reach.
Expanding your presence online can only help grow your network! By having a profile on more than one of these sites, you are increasing your chances and opportunities. People have different profiles on different sites, and by limiting yourself to only one site, you are limiting your potential career growth. Just make sure you tailor your profile to each site’s style and content.

3. Branding.

Think of yourself as a brand! Do brands only have their inventory in one store? No! You can find the biggest brands in the world at hundreds or even thousands of different retailers.Image result for brands

You need brand exposure on networking sites, so people will want to buy what you’re selling because they feel they know and trust you. Engage in topical discussions, and post informative and stimulating written and video blogs that will generate responses and inquiries. Your brand image and exposure will improve.

4. Stay on top of the industry trends.
By joining industry-specific discussion groups, you can see what everyone in your industry is talking about. Staying up to date on the latest industry gives you an edge over your competitors.

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5. Degrees of Separation
Even if some of your connections may not be able to help you in your career,chances are someone in their network may be able to. After engaging with a contact and building a relationship, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral to one of their connections. People like to refer good people to others.