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The Employee Cost of Reputation Mismanagement

Damage to your company’s reputation not only hurts  revenue and sales, it will also hinder your organization’s attractiveness to current and potential employees.
According to a recent survey by Corporate Responsibility Magazine and Allegis Group Services, nearly three quarters of Americans  — 69% — say they would rather be unemployed than work for a company that has a bad reputation. Other survey findings:
·        62% of employed respondents said they would take a job with a company that had a bad reputation only if salary offered was 50% to 100% more than their current salary.
·        84% stated that they would leave their current job if they were offered a new position with a company that had a stellar reputation and would only require a 1% or 10% increase to make the switch.
Source: Corporate Responsibility, Allegis Group Services

At  CommCore we remind our clients that they need to attend to both internal and external reputations.  On a related front, clients need to have a current and stress-tested crisis communications and response plan in place BEFORE a reputation-damaging critical incident take place, including one that impacts employee morale.  We have seen incidents that never went beyond the four walls of the organization, yet had a damaging impact on employee attitudes and commitment.