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The Communications Gap in Leadership

A new globalstudy of public attitudes by Ketchum Public Relations’ Leadership Communications Monitor reinforces the existence of a gap between organizational leaders and a critical leadership skill – communication ability.

Among the survey’s findings:

– Open communication is the public’s #1 attribute of effective leadership


– Only 24% of people around the world believe leaders overall are providing effective leadership

– About 60% of people changed their buying habits because of a company’s perceived poor leadership

At CommCore we always remind our clients of two points raised by esteemed communicators — that Communications is what Winston Churchill called The Language of Leadership, and that the writer George Bernard Shaw famously said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

In an article in PR News in February, “Media Training as Leadership Development,” CommCore CEO Andrew Gilman asks, “Is media training a tactical skill to prepare for interviews or an aspect of leadership development?”

After examining several tactical and strategic variables, Gilman concludes, “Media training will prepare you tactically to plan, respond and get better quotes in almost any interview. And when framed in terms of grooming leadership skills, the outcomes are improved for all involved.”