Carol Preston

//  Senior Consultant

Carol Preston uses her more than twenty-five years’ communications experience to help CommCore clients win in the court of public opinion. Carol applies techniques learned as a writer, on-air reporter and talk show host to counsel clients how to control and be pro-active in tough interviews, educate audiences and deliver compelling presentations with comfort and ease.

She works with participants to build, practice and deliver memorable messages, which resonate with their key stakeholders.   She has counseled clients in healthcare, government, finance, technology, entertainment, telecommunications and the non-profit arena.

In healthcare, Carol has prepared physicians and scientists to address FDA advisory panel meetings on such issues as therapies for osteoporosis, women’s health and blood disorders. Carol frequently is called upon as a crisis communications strategist to help clients handle hot-button issues including potentially deadly antibody immunities (PRCA), bio-generics, the continuing international blood plasma therapy shortage, a massive product recall and Good Manufacturing Practices. She has helped healthcare clients prepare for successful interviews with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal , CNBC and 60 Minutes.

In technology and telecommunications, Carol has coached executives to conduct successful investor and analyst briefings and handle the tough Q&A, which inevitably follows the presentation.   She is an orals coach for a major defense contractor, which has won more than $300 million in lucrative government contracts as a result of Carol’s presentation skills know-how.   She also has worked with clients on IPOs and product launches.

Carol spent most of her journalism career as an on-air news personality at the Mutual Broadcasting and the NBC Radio networks.   The Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI) have honored Carol for her documentary on the Holocaust survivors.   She has lectured on media at George Washington University and has written Congressional testimony and speeches for CEOs.   She remains active with Bread for the City in Washington, DC after serving eight years on its Board of Directors.

Carol earned both her Master and Bachelor of Science degrees from Syracuse University.