Alexander Kippen

//  Senior Consultant

Alexander Kippen joined CommCore in 2002, providing preparation for news interviews and message development to clients including Fortune 500 CEO’s, professionals (physicians, engineers, accountants, other subject matter experts), and executives. He has also trained entertainers like actress Lorraine Bracco and athletes like Troy Aikman.

Alexander developed CommCore’s Internet-based Professional Profile ™ – a link to a personal promotional platform. Users can post their profile on the password-protected website, including news articles and book excerpts as well as video samples from speeches and TV appearances.

He began as a political reporter in Washington, DC, covering Congress, the first Bush and then Clinton administrations for Canada’s Global Television Network and later for the Fox Morning News. His stories ranged from debates over the Clean Air Act and NAFTA, to the first Gulf War and sanctions against Iraq. After running a Washington production company with clients that included political talk show host John McLaughlin, Alexander became a Managing Director with Hill & Knowlton in Washington and New York, providing media counsel and media training for both established and emerging corporate clients.  Alexander has contributed reports to CNN, National Geographic, written for The Washington Monthly, The Washington Post, New York, Creative Screenwriting, the SAIS Foreign Observer, and also taught journalism as an adjunct professor at American University in Washington DC.  He is an international policy and economics graduate of George Washington and Johns Hopkins SAIS universities focusing on U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf.