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Team Building through Crisis Simulation

When was the last time your organization held a team building exercise? Was it a ropes course? Did you fall and trust that someone was there to catch you?

Survival Systems, in Groton, CT has a bold approach.  It simulates drowning following an airplane crash to test how well new teammates work together, to save the person.  In the end it’s designed to build collaboration and workplace morale.

At CommCore, our crisis simulations do not literally put clients under water. We create realistic, cascading crisis scenarios that force participants to react in real time to news events, social media, cyber, and web-based threats. Behind a fire-wall they respond using use templates of electronic and web publications, and available tools and resources in a compressed time frame. CommCore’s PressureTest™ is designed to:

  • Expose crisis response vulnerabilities and highlight strengths
  • Build teamwork and trust under stressful conditions
  • Encourage active participation by crisis team members
  • Evaluate the crisis team
  • Save time and effort when the real crisis hits

What team building strategies does your organization currently practice for crisis situations?

Is your team ready?