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Survey: From Tylenol to the Latest Cyber-Attack- 30th Anniversary

In honor of CommCore’s 30th Anniversary,  we invite you take this brief survey that explores the past and future of media and crisis coaching. Your responses are important in seeing how our training has affected your view of the media and your preparedness in certain situations.

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James Burke, Johnson & Johnson

I’m not sure if it’s ironic or coincidental that James Burke, former Chairman of Johnson & Johnson, passed away on the 30thanniversary of the Tylenol poisonings. Read more

Why Toyota is Not Tylenol: Victim, Villain or Vindicator?

In 1982, I was privileged to work with Johnson & Johnson during the first Tylenol crisis. I was asked to prepare CEO James Burke for the critical “60 Minutes” interview that was a key component in communicating the comeback strategy for the brand and the company. Read more

Tylenol vs. Toyota

Toyota’s January 2010 massive recall and sales stoppage of vehicles has been quickly compared to the recall by Johnson & Johnson of Tylenol in 1982.

Most of the similarities are in the enormity of the recall and the proactive nature of the effort. Read more