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There’s no true delete button for social media

When is deletion not deletion? On the Internet.
That famous TV psychologist Dr. Phil recently polled his Twitter followers to find out how they  felt about women consenting to sex while inebriated. Read more

All-Time Tweet Twits

It’s hardly news that Twitter gaffes are a professional communicator’s nightmare. Once posted, it’s impossible to recall your tweet and pretend it never happened. We all know intuitively that brand and personal reputation damage is difficult to repair once your “mistake” has gone viral. Read more

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Will they ever learn? A few simple social media tips could have helped Kansas Governor Sam Brownback avert a Twitter-imposed reputation crisis, a seemingly growing trend among public figures. When high school student, Emma Sullivan visited the state capitol, she tweeted “Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.” Gov. Read more

They’re OUR Followers and You Can’t Take ‘Em

An online mobile news and reviews resource, PhoneDog, has filed a lawsuit against a former employee whom they claim absconded with 17,000 Twitter followers in its data base.  What’s interesting is that the company is viewing the taking of names and a Twitter password as a trade secret or company intellectual property.  We also see the issue as similar to one that plays out in other media:  whether the tweets were a work for hire or does the tweeter have the right to contact those that he responded to? 

This lawsuit has other interesting aspects:
  1. PhoneDog is suing for $340,000 in damages.  It got to that number by multiplying the number of followers by $2.50 – a figure that the company claims as an “industry standard.”  Others view twitter followers as worth barely 1 cent per follower.
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Be Careful What You Hashtag

Known primarily  for their delicious pastries and desserts, Entenmann’s is facing backlash for a distasteful tweet this week. While Twitter was erupting over the Casey Anthony “not guilty” murder verdict, @Entenmann’s asked “Who’s not guilty of eating all the treats they want” and included the trending “Not Guilty “ hashtag.

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The Tweet By and By

As is often the case for some adopters of new technology, what’s new today can get old very quickly. A recent article in Politico points out that politicians are increasingly tiring of Twitter and its 140-character limit, as well as other social media tools. Read more

Are your sound bites tweetable?

Twitter is now the platform of choice for communications- whether it’s protesters in the Middle East, athletes and other celebrities at an event, elected officials in session, or professional communicators announcing corporate news. Read more