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Communications/Negotiations Lessons from Ted Kheel

Noted labor lawyer and negotiator par excellence, Theodore W. Kheel, passed away this week. As the obituaries attest, for the better part of four decades Ted was the key connector between management and labor in New York City and in Washington. Read more

“Neutral Sentiment” in Social Media

As Social Media Monitoring and Measurement becomes increasingly defined and sophisticated, it appears that the communications industry is beginning to settle on common terminology regarding results or impact. But one important area where differences remain is on the meaning of the crucial term “Sentiment” – specifically “Neutral Sentiment.” There are even those who claim that there simply is no such thing as neutral sentiment and that it is, in fact, a contradiction in terms. Read more


A good analysis of BP, Toyota and Goldman Sachs on crisis appears in the New York Times, Sunday, August 22. Peter Goodman’s article makes several strong points:
  1. First, it’s one of the better factual recounts of the events for each enterprise involved in the spill and the cleanup.
Read more