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Message Brainstorming: Opening Up The Bottle

Esquire’s Ross McCammon was intentionally making light of corporate message brainstorming sessions in his recent blog “What’s The Secret to Brainstorming?”
We took the tongue-in-cheek approach in stride   — “You could put a bottle of tequila in the middle of the table” – after all, we at CommCore have our own message development methodology and techniques that do produce results. Read more

Conference Call Coping

Words we don’t usually hear: “Oh, boy, I’ve got a conference call coming up.”

OK, so perhaps it’s a good news call because you landed a new client with a knock-your-socks-off proposal. Read more

A Good Radio Interview Requires More Than A Strong Voice

I learned a long time ago while working in radio news that there was a lot more to being a good interview or interviewer on-air than having a deep voice. You had to SOUND good to the AUDIENCE, and sounding good on radio involves much more than being a baritone. Read more

Contrast and Compare: The Perfect “Sticky” Message

Sticky messages – those memorable sound bites, analogies or stories that resonate and “stick” in the mind of an audience – emerge one of two ways: as the result of hard work in message development sessions, or they can just happen organically. Read more

NBC’s Pledge Gaffe

Any reporter and editor has been there before – letting something slip through on the air or in print that came back to bite them. But NBC did it in spades this past weekend – its editorial processes failing twice – in its coverage of the U.S. Read more


Burson Marsteller CEO Mark Penn hits the nail on the head when comparing King George the VI’s speech therapist Lionel Logue (as portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in the Oscar-winning movie “The King’s Speech”) with advising a CEO. Read more

On Metaphorically Speaking

New York Times columnist David Brooks reminds us that the proper use of metaphors is critical to human understanding. “[B]eing aware of metaphors reminds you of the central role that poetic skills play in our thought. Read more

Media and Presentation Training FAQs

With 25 years of communications consulting under our belt at CommCore, we get a lot of the same questions about the need for executive media or presentation training. Our top questions:

Q: Our CEO has been conducting media interviews and making public appearances for years. Read more

Glitter, Big Hair and Spandex as Powerful Public Presentation and Communications Tools

At CommCore we always remind our clients that interesting, relevant and – above all – memorable analogies are a staple of strong public presentations. Proper use of anecdotes, 3rd party validations, items from the day’s news, true personal stories – all are “visual” data points that can make the difference between an audience’s eyes glazing over, or a message that sticks. Read more