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You Don’t Know Jack

Generally cease-and-desist letters are not pleasant, to put it mildly. Lawyers tend to write them with the intent of scaring an alleged offender into altering this or that action. “Change what you’re doing, or we’re coming after you, etc.”

Jack Daniels, the iconic sour mash whiskey distiller and long-standing proud corporate citizen of Louisville, KY, surprisingly opted for a gentler approach when it found out that a local self-published author Patrick Wensink had illegally co-opted its well-known brand design for a book cover. Read more

The Real Bridge to Nowhere

British Treasury Minister Chloe Smith is one up on Sarah Palin; the Conservative MP fell off “a bridge to nowhere” on live TV in front of millions of viewers.

What David Stern Can Learn From Bryce Harper

Hackles were up everywhere after sports/talk host Jim Rome asked National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern on Wednesday if the NBA Lottery was fixed. Stern’s retort – after scolding Rome for asking the question in the first place – was to ask Rome, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Rome has made a reputation as a broadcaster provocateur who pushes buttons; the powerful Stern remains a polarizing figure of his own in the professional sports world, and reaction to his shot at Rome has been largely negative. Read more

All-Time Tweet Twits

It’s hardly news that Twitter gaffes are a professional communicator’s nightmare. Once posted, it’s impossible to recall your tweet and pretend it never happened. We all know intuitively that brand and personal reputation damage is difficult to repair once your “mistake” has gone viral. Read more

Lesson From the Media Side

A good line surfaced during Q and A at a forum at PR firm Powell Tate on the implications of social media for journalists and journalism.
Panelist Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post was engaged in an exchange with an audience member on ethics and accuracy in the age of Twitter. Read more