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Proper Planning is the Key to Crisis Communications

The current spate of international and domestic crises is a stark reminder to all professional communicators: in Crisis Response there is no substitute for preparedness.

An enterprise paralyzed by a devastating earthquake or tsunami. Read more

The “Duh” Principles of Communications: Important Lessons Still Unlearned

Three recent avoidable communications no-no’s reinforce the “duh” principle. Think and ask questions before your speak, blog or engage in public conversations. Items:

• National Public Radio SVP of Development Ron Schiller talking with members of a group he has never met before, that it turns out has been organized by a provocateur. Read more


Good stuff from current CEO of Mandalay Bay Peter Guber. He believes storytelling is at the heart of effective communications and success in business. So much so that he’s written a book about it, “Tell to Win.” As a former Hollywood mogul/producer, he ought to know a good story. Read more

The Tweet By and By

As is often the case for some adopters of new technology, what’s new today can get old very quickly. A recent article in Politico points out that politicians are increasingly tiring of Twitter and its 140-character limit, as well as other social media tools. Read more

Sometimes The “Fix” Works

As corporate apologies go, Groupon’s mea culpa and corrective actions after its Super Bowl ad controversy was about as forthright as they come: “We hate that we offended people, and we’re very sorry that we did,” CEO and founder Andrew Mason wrote in a post last week on the corporate blog. Read more

The Joke’s on Who?

One of the first tips CommCore provides our Public Speaking and Presentation Training clients is NOT to tell a joke as an ice-breaker, an unfortunate device relied on by too many public speakers. Read more


The powerful winter storms across much of the U.S. highlight the communication problems faced by government, utility company and transportation officials. Really bad weather always means trouble for communicators. Being visible when visibility is near zero is essential. Read more

Of Sound Bites and the Vitriol Police

The punditry since the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others in Tucson, Arizona suggests we are in for an extended period of dissection of public comments past, present and future. Read more

You Are What You Wear

“Perception is Reality” is just one of the bromides quoted regularly whenever the subject of first impressions comes up. Others include, “What You See is What You Get,” and “Clothes Make the King” to mention a couple. Read more


Former New York Times economics reporter Peter Goodman’s explanation for leaving the eminent newspaper to join the Huffington Post ( raises interesting questions about (a) the past and future relationship between journalists and Subject Matter Experts, and (b) the lengths to which journalists have always gone to color their stories with some form of opinion. Read more