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3P’s of Public Presentation

Written by: Melissa Gustafson, Spring Intern

Organizational leaders – especially CEOs – are what we at CommCore call “Communicators-in-Chief.”  Every nuance of how they come across in speeches, briefings, interviews, and meetings conveys their brand message.  Read more

Tips for Connecting with your Audience

presentation training dc

Before any internal or external presentation you should have an idea of what your audience wants out of it. Ask yourself about the purpose of your presentation, and if it fits the audience’s wants. Read more

How to Handle Difficult Questioners

presentationtraining1In every audience, there are types of “questioners” – not just the actual question —  who can distract from the speaker’s key messages and have the potential to sidetrack the presentation.   Read more

Four Types of “Grabbers” for Your Next Presentation

focusThe function of the opening is to grab the audience’s attention, clearly convey the basic message, outline the agenda and points that will supports the message.

The appropriate degree of the “grab’ will vary depending on the occasion and audience. Read more

Don’t Tell Jokes

Guest Post by Bill Dunne, Managing Partner for Dunne Communications
This advice goes especially for corporate speechmakers, the men and women in the daily grind of keeping their enterprises up and running, hopefully profitably. Read more