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Daschle Bows Out; Obama takes Responsibility

Come on. Did Tom Daschle, even with all of his Senate connections, think that he could be a credible Secretary when he not only failed to pay taxes but took so much money for speaking before health care organizations that he was supposed to regulate? Read more

Obama Press Secretary Briefing Skills

The reviews of the first press conference by President Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs were generally favorable. After all who wants to blast the person who will feed you every day for possibly the next four years. Read more

Pleasantly surprised

In victory, President-elect Obama was gracious and looking forward. In defeat, Sen. McCain was positive and bipartisan. Both showed leadership with messages to supporters and to those who did not vote for them. Read more

Advice for the incoming Communicator-In-Chief?

With just a few days left before the presidential election it’s time to consider one of the most important tasks facing the President-Elect: taking on the role of Communicator-In-Chief.

Barack Obama and John McCain have revealed different styles, attributes and messages in a tough campaign. Read more