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Cold Dead Fish and Airline Safety

How popular would sushi be if its menu description was “cold, dead fish”?

The challenge in message development, especially for an issue or product that you see all the time, is to make it interesting and memorable. Read more

Contrast and Compare: The Perfect “Sticky” Message

Sticky messages – those memorable sound bites, analogies or stories that resonate and “stick” in the mind of an audience – emerge one of two ways: as the result of hard work in message development sessions, or they can just happen organically. Read more

On Metaphorically Speaking

New York Times columnist David Brooks reminds us that the proper use of metaphors is critical to human understanding. “[B]eing aware of metaphors reminds you of the central role that poetic skills play in our thought. Read more

Lessons for Business Leaders from the Massachusetts Election

The talking heads and columnists will analyze/spin the politics behind the Massachusetts upset by Scott Brown (R) over Martha Coakley (D) for Teddy Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat.

At CommCore, we think there’s a lesson or two for business leaders in all this: First, know your customer. Read more