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3 Tips for Handling Phone Conference Presentations

Presenting over the phone has its own set of communications challenges such as:

  • No immediate connection with the participants – no eye contact or body language feedback (unless you have a system like Telepresence)
  • Audio requires different signals, cues and instructions
  • You never know what other things the listener is doing
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6 PowerPoint/Prezi Tips

While PowerPoint or Prezi often helps the presenter produce professional work with great visuals, too often we lose sight of the purpose of slides and “visual aids.”  Presenters spend countless hours perfecting every bullet and transition, falsely assuming all eyes will be on the slides, not the speaker.

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5 Tips to Remember Before Your Next Presentation

Presentations are all too often “data dumps,” a lot of information that we want to say. Rarely are presentations adequately tailored for a particular audience.

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