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F-bombs, four letter words, and other profanity are popping up much more frequently in the media these days. The standards of what is acceptable — on cable, YouTube and movies – is evolving.  (Profanity on “over the air” TV and radio is still regulated by the FCC.  But even these restrictions are now in question following the 8-0 Supreme Court decision in favor of broadcasters who received fines from the FCC for indecency.) CommCore’s question: Are F-Bombs and other words as acceptable in the workplace or other professional environments? Read more

Is Goldman Sachs in Danger of PRing itself into Mediocrity?

It is PR gospel that Goldman Sachs and its leadership have committed a series of communications blunders, particularly in the past two years, which have dinged its otherwise stellar reputation. As a result, the firm has embarked on leadership “road shows” and other PR activities in an effort to repair its image. Read more


If you thought Toyota and Tiger were the crises for this year, they were only the appetizers for the menu that is May 2010. There are so many going on right now that most can’t even get to the front page of the traditional newspapers. Read more