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Are You Prepared For a Cyber Security Crisis?

90+% of corporate executives report they aren’t prepared to handle a major cyber attack, according to a leading I.T. security firm.

Whether you’re a small business concerned about a possible cyber security crisis or a large business continuing to update cyber-communications crisis policies, here are three useful suggestions to start implementing now:

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Handling a Cybersecurity Crisis

Data breaches are a matter of “when,” not “if” they will happen. Recently Saks Fifth Avenue was breached and customers’ personal information was exposed on its website. Other well-known companies like McDonald’s and Forbes, and numerous public figures have been recent victims of Twitter hacks. Read more

Do Trump’s Inauguration donors risk damaging their brands?

“For a lot of these brands, it’s a very calculated risk that they’re making considering their businesses and shareholders, and the benefit far outweighs the cost,” said Andrew Gilman, chief executive of the crisis communications firm CommCore Consulting Group. Read more